INSPIRE scheme and annual conference

INSPIRE is an initiative launched by the Academy of Medical Sciences and supported by the Wellcome Trust. At its heart, its aims are to inspire medical students to get involved with research, support any endeavours to do so and actively encourage students to share their work through annual conferences. Cambridge achieves these aims via the ‘Cambridge Academic Apprenticeship’ scheme, outlined in the flow chart below.



CUSCRS is actively involved in all three arms of this scheme. Our annual INSPIRE conference began in January 2015 and will be held for the seventh time in February 2021. In this conference, students can display work from their preclinical and clinical careers in the form of oral presentations and posters. Last year the conference was a huge success, with many leading academics citing it as one of the best conferences they had attended. In addition to the inherent value in presenting work to Cambridge professors and doctors, monetary prizes are awarded to some of the most outstanding pieces of research.

Past conferences