Our monthly events are a great way to find out a little more about clinical research first hand from academic clinicians, learn about different specialities, develop basic essential research skills and keep up to date with the latest topics in academic medicine, all accompanied by free food and drink!. In the past, we have had eminent speakers such as Sir Roy Calne (a pioneer in organ transplantation), Professor Sir David Weatherall (researcher in molecular genetics and haematology) and Sir Bruce Ponder (previous director at Cancer Research UK and emeritus professor of Oncology).

Speciality Insight Events: Here a clinician scientist gives a talk about a speciality, including the latest research themes. These are useful events to go to if you are considering a certain speciality and want to find a little more about the career progression and entry paths into academic medicine, or if you are just interested in the research area being discussed! These events are also great ways to make connections with potential SSC/ project supervisors. Location is usually the Clinical School, Addenbrookes Hospital. 

Journal Clubs: Throughout the year we have journal clubs where a student presents a recent paper, which the audience is expected to read beforehand, and facilitates discussion. These will help you to keep up essential research skills such as reading papers, evaluating statistical methods and critical appraisal. If you would like to present a paper, give us an email at [email protected] and we can try to schedule you into our programme of events and will provide you with an official certificate to put in your portfolio. Location is usually the Clinical School, Addenbrookes Hospital.

Inspire Research Conference: Our flagship event is the Inspire research conference, which will be taking place on DATE. We welcome pre-clinical and clinical students to submit abstracts of research they have undertaken (summer projects, part II projects, SSC projects and MBPhD research), which they can have the chance to present as a poster or oral presentations to win monetary prizes. We will have a variety of  judges and a fantastic keynote speaker too. Through the conference, you can present and have your research critiqued by expert judges, be inspired by the research your peers are doing, and do some all-important networking! 

Research Skills Workshops: Throughout the year we will host events such as ‘How to write and abstract/ manuscript’, ‘How to make a poster’ and ‘How to do an oral presentation’- all essential skills to develop as a doctor, and particularly useful for students doing their SSC/ Part II projects. We are also hoping to run a basic statistical skills course using the programme R, so keep a lookout for these! Location is usually the Clinical School, Addenbrookes Hospital.

Undergraduate events: Pre-clinical students, we haven’t forgotten you! Whilst most of our events take place in the clinical school (and we encourage you to come to these) we will be running some events in the town centre geared specifically to undergraduates.  Look out for our upcoming ‘How to secure a summer project’ talk soon.

With our events, we want to appeal to all students- from those who just want to find out what clinical research is about and if it is for them, to the MBPhD students/ AFP applicants. It is never to early or late to consider integrating clinical research into your career and research skills are becoming ever more essential to the doctor’s skill set, so we encourage you to come along!